Laboratorium Geofisika

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Ares Autumatic Resistivity System/IP
• 2000 Vp-p – 5 A – 850 W Transmitter
• 2D/3D Resistivity & IP Tomography
• VES, RP, SP Measurements
• up to 10 Adjustable IP Windows
• Easy-Control System
• Active Multi-Electrode Cables
• Passive Cables with Switch Box
• Roll-Along Possibility

standard accessories:
• Transport case
• T-piece (for connection of multi-electrode cable sections and cables for current and potential electrodes)
• Cable for external 12 V battery
• RS232C and USB cables
• AC adapter (for all countries)
• PC software ARES (MS Windows based)
• User manual

Optional accessories:
• Multi-Electrode cable sections – active and passive
• Switch box (attachable 48-channel adapter) for passive multi-electrode cables
• 12 V attachable battery pack with fast 3-stage battery charger
• 12 V electronic power supply
• VES-Adapter (for 5 pairs of potential electrodes)
• Cable reels
• Stainless steel electrodes, non-polarizable electrodes
Processing software for 2D/3D inversion, VES interpretation and mapping (Res2DInv/Res3DInv, IPI2Win, Surfer),orisinil.

Kegunaan adalah mengukur Resistivitas lapisan bumi untuk menentukan:
1. Eksplorasi Struktur lapisan batuan
2. Eksplorasi Keadaan aquifer(air tanah)
3. Eksplorasi Bidang lincir batuan
4. Eksplorasi Keadaan panas bumi
5. Eksplorasi Mineral Logam

CP: Drs. Akmam, M. Si (081363457593)
Edi Kurnia,S. Si (082171535570)
Drs. Mahrizal, M. Si (082171861930)