Tim Kurikulum

Curriculum Team for Physics Education Program

Internal (Physics Education Study Program)

  1. Dr. Ratnawulan, M.Si (Head of Physics Education Study Program)
  2. Prof. Festiyed, M.S (Coordinator of research group on philosophy and physics education curriculum)
  3. Dr. Desnita, M.Si (Coordinator of research group on theory and innovation of physics learning)
  4. Dr. Asrizal, M.Si (Coordinator of research group on physics learning media)
  5. Dr. Fatni Mufit, M.Si (Coordinator of research group on assessment of physics learning)

Faculty (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science)

  1. Dr. Yulkifli, M.Si (Dean)
  2. Alizar, S.Pd, M.Sc, Ph.D (Vice Dean 1)
  3. Dr. Yuni Ahda, S.Si, M.Si (Vice Dean 2)
  4. Dr. Irwan, M.Si (Vice Dean 3)

External (Alumni and Stakeholders)

  1. Drs. Muhidi, MM (Deputy Chairperson of the DPRD, Padang)
  2. Yohandri, Ph.D (Head of Research and Community Service Institute of Universitas Negeri Padang)
  3. Dr. Ramli, M.Si (Lecturer in Department of Physics, Universitas Negeri Padang)
  4. Muhammad Irsyad, S.Pd
  5. Drs. Erizal (Headmaster of SMAN 4 Sumatera Barat)