Visi dan Misi Jurusan Fisika

Vision of The Department of Physics

In 2025, The Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UNP, will become a centre for the development of education and strategic fields of physics based on faith and piety and produce graduates who are high academic achieving, professional, competitive, independent, marketable, and nationally and regionally recognized.

Mission of The Department of Physics

    1. To form a whole human being who is religious, pious, knowledgeable and technologically literate.
    2. To carry out the Tri Dharma (Three Pillars) of Higher Education to produce graduates who have good scientific abilities and are able to face a future full of changes and technological sophistication.
    3. To develop research groups in the Physics Department in carrying out the dharma of research in order to be able to carry out research in physics education and basic research in the field of physics and its application in an integrated national and regional level.
    4. To develop teaching models of physics for science and technology (IPTEKS).
    5. To strive for physics to be known and appreciated by all levels of society in the application of physics learning models and the application of physics for the welfare of society in order to carry out community service.